Are you an individual that…

ever feels anxious when a form asks for your employment history because you just don’t know what is on file?

has spent hours looking for that one email from that one employer that you swore you put in THAT folder?

wants to learn more about the international development field, but doesn’t even know where to start?

Are you a business or organization that…

feels too stretched to train your new employees to the degree you would like?

would like a more efficient way to deal with employment verification?

Reedoe is designed to eliminate those moments once and for all. As an online employment verification and training service, Reedoe is designed to improve the less glamours parts of the international development field.

How Does it Work?

With Reedoe, we are focused on providing quality practical support to the individuals who are making a difference in difficult places.  Learn more about our other services like training and webinars.

As a company…

Contact us here to help you develop a plan of employment verification and/or training that works for you.

As an individual….

With Reedoe, you take four easy steps to make the application process less painful for job seekers.

Step 1. Fill out our online form and pay a 25 USD per employer listed processing fee to produce your report. We’ll ask for information about your past employer including: employer’s name, position title, and dates of employment.

Step 2. We review your inputs and ask for a copy of an identifying document like a driver’s license, social security number, or passport number,  and a signed consent form. These are kept to obtain your employment information until you would like for them to be destroyed.

Step 3. Do whatever you do when you don’t have to take care of errands. Drink some water? Take a deep breath? Do a happy dance?

Step 4. Receive your online and .pdf copy of your employment verification report. Your tailored report includes: a summary report and supporting documents for each employer. A basic terrorist watch list checks can be added to your order.

See? Four easy steps and you can have a verified report that you can use when starting a new job (or make those tiny changes to your LinkedIn profile).

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Get Started

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Q. What about security? Is my information safe?

Reedoe’s #1 priority is YOU. We store all identifying information in Microsoft’s cloud based drive. This information is only accessible to vetted Reedoe staff.

Q. How did all of this start?

Like all great ideas, Reedoe was born out of the frustration with an imperfect system. We struggled with the idea that in our modern economy people float from training to training, job to job, often with short lived and sporadic projects. Building a steady, reliable career often rests on being connected to the right friend, cousin, etc. and hoping they had a good enough reputation that you could find a real and reliable job. This kind of patchwork experience reduces the employee’s ability to build strong work histories and their incentive to perform at their best. Reedoe is helping employees develop more seamless careers and employers hire more efficiently.